Six Ways to Make the Most out of Your Summer!

Doesn't it often feel like the summer holidays just fly in? Make sure to make the most of your time off by using it as a time to try out new things and learn new skills

1. Learn a new instrument

Ever fancied learning how to play guitar? Or try your hand at violin? The summer holidays are the perfect time time to learn a new instrument. Get started by checking out if there are lessons where you live – or you could even try to teach yourself, YouTube has lots of great tutorial videos! You could also ask a musically gifted friend if the could give you a hand.

2. Try a new sport

Fed up of football? Bored of basketball? Why not use your summer hols to get in some practice at a new sport? You could try out something like karate, or if you're feeling inspired by Wimbledon you could try your hand at tennis. Cycling is a great way to get outdoors if the sun is shining, and there are lots of beautiful cycling routes in Scotland you could check out. If you're feeling brave you could also have a go at rollerblading or skateboarding, or if the heat is getting too much for you, you could cool down at an ice-rink. 

3. Find a new hobby

It's always good to try out new hobbies and past-times, and find new things we enjoy. If you fancy getting arty you could try decorating mugs with sharpies, making jewellery, or scrapbooking. You could also get yourself kitted out with a new wardrobe or some nice bits and bobs for your room by learning how to upcycle. Or if you fancy developing your digital skills you could have a go at learning how to code, or setting up your own blog or vlog. If you want to learn a new skill, you could get involved with St Andrews First Aid youth groups and learn about first aid.

4. Volunteer

There are loads of great reasons to volunteer. You could simply help out a neighbour or relative with looking after their garden, or you could sign up for a volunteer programme, where you meet lots of new friends and help support an organisation or cause. You can find lots of volunteering opportunities from Volunteer Scotland. If you're looking for an opportunity to travel, have a look for volunteer abroad projects, or you can use your summer to jazz up your CV by getting some work experience in the industry that you want to work in.

5. Visit your library

When we're busy with school and other responsibilities, we don't always get time to read for pleasure, but summer is the perfect time to relax with a good book. Remember, you can visit your local library to take out books for free, meaning you can try out a lot of different styles of books and see what you like the most. If you have a Kindle. iPad or tablet, you can also download books, to read easily on the go.

6. Find a youth club and make new friends

If your friends are all heading off on holiday or don't live near you, summer is the perfect time to broaden your social circle and make some new friends outside of school. You could join a youth group in your local area, or sign up for brownies or scouts. Not only will you get to meet loads of new people, but you'll also learn loads and get to do fun stuff, like going on camping trips! 

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