Six Jobs You Can Do Abroad

No matter what your skills or experience, there are loads of different jobs you can do if you decide to travel and live abroad.

1. Au pair
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An au pair is someone who lives with a host family and supports them with daily life. As an au pair you would mainly be helping with childcare and housework so an ability to work well with children is a must! Au pairs typically stay in the family home so rent and meals will usually be included as part of the arrangement, plus you'll earn money on top of this.

Being an au pair provides a great opportunity for cultural exchange with the host family as you learn from them while they learn from you. You'll also be able to get stuck into the local language as you adapt to their daily lives. 

2. Teaching English as a foreign language
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There are loads of places where you can do this job abroad, from Spain to Argentina and Thailand and France. The job involves teaching the English language to adults and children whose first language is not English, so you’ll be planning and delivering lessons, marking tests and much more.

On top of this you’ll get the chance to attend social and cultural activities with students including sports and excursions – giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and connect with different people.

3. Hospitality
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Although you might want to try something completely different while looking for jobs abroad, there will be loads of opportunities to work in roles that you might already have experience in. You could work in a coffee shop, do housekeeping at a hotel or work at the reception of a hostel. As some of these jobs might be seasonal and temporary it might be a great fit with your lifestyle if you’re planning on moving on to new destinations.

4. WWOOF-ing
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Nope, it’s not dog walking or anything like that. WWOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms! It’s a network of organic farms all over the world where you can get the chance to travel and work on a farm. In this type of job, you’re typically a volunteer where you work 4 – 6 hours a day planting and picking crops in exchange for food and accommodation.

If you’re looking to make the big bucks, this probably isn’t the role for you but it does offer an amazing opportunity to make friends and to spend your working day out in the fresh air.

5. Freelancing
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If you’re already established in the creative industry and have skills in things like copywriting, journalism or graphic design you could take on some freelance work to fund your travels. It could be an awesome opportunity to travel while doing a job you love. However, it’s not as easy to get into and won’t just happen overnight. It will require a lot of hard work as you build your portfolio and network to make connections and clients.

6. Other skilled professions
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If you’re planning a more permanent move abroad and have already established skills and experience in a specific area you might want to continue building your career in your industry. You could start by researching the big employers in the country, key industries and any skills shortages in the country which you could take advantage of.

If you already work for a global organisation with offices all over the world, you could look into transferring to a new location within the same company.

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