How to Get Into Shinty (Camanachd/Iomain)

Shinty ('camanachd' or 'iomain' in Gaelic) is a sport played by teams of 10 (women) or 12 (men) where the players use a stick called a caman to move a small hard ball and score goals. Just like in football, the game is played in 2 halves of 45 minutes and the team who scores the most goals wins.

Shinty is a very old sport that is closely related to the sports of cammag (Isle of Man) and hurling (Ireland) that used to be played all over Scotland and even as far south as northern England but today it is mostly played in the Highlands. In fact, shinty is so closely related to these sports that every year there is a mixed rules international match between Scottish shinty players and Irish hurling players known as 'Composite Rules Shinty-Hurling' or simply 'Shinty-Hurling'.

Shinty Rules and Equipment

How to Play Shinty Infographic

Here's a great video on YouTube explaining the rules of shinty.

If you want to learn more about shinty or want to find out how and where you can play, check out theĀ Camanachd Association's website.

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