Seven Ways to Keep Your Drink Safe

From clubs to house parties, read our top tips to help keep your drink safe...

Get your drinks yourself 

Even if you are sticking to the soft drinks, pouring your own drink means you are in control and can see what’s in it. If you are drinking alcohol it means you can set your own limits – and you can grab a glass of water between drinks. 

Stick to sealed stuff 

Stick to unopened bottles or cans. Whether it’s J2O or a can of cider if you're over 18, you might feel a bit safer by always using manufactured and closed containers. 

Never leave a drink 

Always have your drink on you – if you have to leave the room take it with you, or if you can’t, get a friend to hold onto it for you. If you have left your drink unattended then be on the safe side by getting yourself a new drink when you come back. 

Tipples from trusted people 

The party atmosphere and general good vibes when going out put everyone in a good mood and people are likely offer you a drink. Only accept drinks from people you fully trust – if somebody insists and you aren’t sure, go with them to watch them pour the drink or order it from a bartender. 

Avoid sharing 

Someone might offer you some of their drink, but to be extra safe politely decline – you want to avoid mixing drinks as well as ensuring your drink doesn’t get spiked. 

Look for signs of tampering 

This could be something as simple as your drink being moved, less/more liquid in your glass, having less/more straws than you remember, a change of colour or odd bubbling/fizzing. Go get yourself another drink if you are suspicious. 

Stop drinking if it tastes funny! 

Even if it’s only slightly unusual, go pour yourself another drink. You can’t be too safe.

If you are feeling confused, disorientated or dizzy after having relatively little to drink – or if your friend has suddenly taken ill very quickly – tell somebody, either a close friend, a relative, a medical professional or the police.

If you aren't with anyone, call someone you trust and get to a safe place. Be wary of accepting help from a stranger and don’t leave with someone you don’t know. If you need urgent help, call 999. Check out the NHS for more helpful info on keeping drinks safe. 

Find out more about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking at the Choices For Life page.