Seven Great Things About Being Ginger

Chances are, if you live in Scotland you'll know plenty of redheads. In fact, Scotland has a higher percentage of ginger people than anywhere else in the world, so let's all celebrate our redheaded wonderfulness.

1. We're totally unique

(Well, only 2% of the entire world are naturally ginger)

2. There are loads of super cool famous redheads

Rupert Grint, Madelaine Petsch, Emma Stone, Seth Green, Karen Gillan, Sophie Turner... 

3. We're immediately bffs with all other gingers

It's always nice to make new friends!

4. You can get away with anything and totally blame it on being 'a fiery redhead'

It's just in our nature...

5. We totally have the best Disney princesses

Ariel, Merida, Giselle... they're all awesome!

6. #TeamWeasley for life

Ron Weasley isn't just King of the Quidditch field, but King of our hearts ♥

7. Red hair turns white

No grey hairs for us, we go straight to ice queen/king! 

But while we love our redheaded beauty most of the time, we've all felt these six struggles of being ginger.