Scottish Youth Parliament Elections

The next Scottish Youth Parliament elections are taking place in March 2019.  The elections last from the 15th to the 29th of March 2019. Find out more about SYP and how to vote for an MSYP.

What is SYP? 

The Scottish Youth Parliament was set up to act as the voice of young people in Scotland. It offers young people aged between 14 and 25 the opportunity to get involved in the decision-making processes in Scotland and the UK.

The SYP has 200 members, elected from local youth forums or national youth organisations, and from young people who have stood as individuals. The SYP represents and advocates the views of young people in Scotland and aims:

  • To offer young people in Scotland a collective national youth voice.
  • To make a difference in society by increasing young people's participation.
  • To promote a positive image of young people.
  • To connect the process of policy making and development with young people.
  • To be an independent and youth-led organisation free from influence where young people can give their views to policy makers without hindrance, fear or barriers.

How do the SYP elections work?

Two MSYPs are elected from every parliamentary constituency in Scotland, and from partnering national voluntary organisations. 

How do I find out who is running in my area?

You can select your constituency on the SYP website and read more about each candidate running in your area.

If you aren’t sure what your constituency is, you can search using your postcode.

How do I vote?

In some constituencies you can vote online with your Young Scot card here. More information on how to vote online:

In other constituencies the voting process will be different. You can contact the person named on the SYP page for your constituency (the name under “name and organisation”) for more information on how to vote.

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