Scotland's Census 2022: A Guide to Taking Part

This year, Scotland will do a count of its population and ask every household to complete the census.

Find out more about what Scotland's Census is, or keep reading to find out what it includes, and how to get involved.

What questions are included in Scotland's Census 2022?

The census that you will fill out will include questions on topics such as:

  • the type of home you live in
  • household relationships
  • age, sex and health
  • employment, education and qualifications
  • religion and ethnic group
  • car and van ownership

There are some new questions this year, including:

  • trans status
  • sexual orientation
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • passports held
  • previous armed forces service

Taking part in Scotland's Census 2022

Every household in Scotland will get a letter with instructions on how you can take part. You are responsible for filling out the information for everyone in your household if you:

  • own/rent (or jointly own/rent) the place where you live and/or
  • are responsible (or jointly responsible) for paying the household bills and expenses

If you are over 16 and living somewhere like halls of residence, a care home or a hostel, you are responsible for completing an individual census questionnaire. If this applies to you, the person who manages the place will give you instructions for how to take part.

You will be able to take part:

  • online using instructions included in the letter
  • by filling out a paper questionnaire which you can request online or over the phone

If you cannot fill in the census by yourself, you can ask for help from a parent, carer or someone you trust.

Other languages

You can visit where you will find detailed guidance on how to answer every question in lots of languages, including Arabic, Polish, Mandarin, and in Scottish Gaelic.

If you have a disability

If you want support or need a copy of the questionnaire in a different format, you can call 0800 030 8308 or go to

You can also ask a carer, friend or relative for help filling in your census.

More information

The letter you receive will have all the information you need to help you fill in the census.

You can also visit the Scotland's Census website for more information or or call 0800 030 8308, free from mobiles or landlines.