Save Money on Adulting with Young Scot Discounts

Are you getting to the stage in your life where you’re thinking about learning to drive, moving out or getting your first job? Growing up comes with learning many new and different skills. Check out some of these tips for essential adult skills such as driving, food shopping and work. 

Getting onto the Roads

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons can be costly, but there are lots of ways to cut down the costs if you can. You may be eager to pass, but only book a test when you and your instructor or whoever is teaching you to drive are comfortable that you are ready and will have a better chance of passing. This means you won't spend money on unnecessary attempts.

Remember you can buy one get one free with lessons at BSM with our Young Scot discount.

There are two elements to learning how to drive - theory and practical. The theory exam involves multiple choice questions about road rules, signs, and a hazard perception video test. The practical exam involves practical maneuvers, general driving,  ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions, and independent driving.

There are many different apps and books you can buy or read to help you with the process of learning how to drive. With our Young Scot discount you can get 1/3 off online training with Driving Test Success and feel more prepared for your theory exam!

If you’ve been driving for a while, but don’t have access to a car, consider renting a car. This can often be a good way to get round for a day trip or short trip. Check out our two hours for the price of one with Arnold Clark Car and Van Rental.

Moving out for the First Time?

Moving Out

Moving out for the first time is a big step! If you are moving out into a privately rented flat or house, check out our New Digs campaign for information on tenancy rights, finding a good landlord, how to arrange a flat viewing and more.

Kitting out your new place can be costly, but you can still find good deals. You can often find cheap second-hand furniture in charity shops, auction houses or online sites - make sure to never exchange money before seeing it. If your new residence needs a mattress, you can get 10% off at Archers Sleep Centre.

To add a bit of atmosphere to your room you could experiment with soft furnishings like cushions or throws, or add a lamp or some candles into the mix.  Remember you can get 20% off at Isle of Skye Candle Company on Young Scot Membership. Be sure not to ever leave anything burning unattended, and check you are allowed to light candles in your property!

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Shopping

If you’ve not lived on your own before, supermarket shopping can be a minefield. If you don't prepare for a shop you can often find yourself spending way above your budget.

Check out some our tips to make the most of your trips to the supermarket.

  • Always make a list. It may sound obvious but if you live with others you don’t want to end up with nine loaves of bread and no toilet roll - plan ahead!
  • Never shop hungry. If you're hungry when you’re shopping you may buy items that you don't need and at the end of the month you may be wondering why you bought ten packets of marshmallows, but not any pasta.
  • Plan your meals. You don’t have to map out every single snack, but have a vague idea of what you will have for meals and you will save on impulse shopping.
  • Look out for deals. By shopping at the right times of day, you can pick up reduced items at a bargain price, even in pricier shops.

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Working Life

People working in an office

If you’re looking for more information on your rights at work, check out our W.O.R.K information.

These days many job applications are online and can often be time-consuming, take your time and make sure to read through the questions properly to fully answer the questions.

If you get stuck filling out a form, remember that wherever possible, you should highlight your responsibilities, strengths, skills and achievements. The My World of Work Strengths Tool can really help with this.

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