Safe Sexting

You’d practice safe sex, so it makes sense to practice safe sexting too.

What should I do if someone asks me to send them a photo?

Only ever send sexy pictures to someone because you want to, not just because they want you to.

If you don’t want to send pictures, just say no; don’t ever feel pressured into sending pictures you don’t want to.

Why not try sending a funny image from Childline’s free Zipit app instead. 

What if I do send a photo?

Remember: it is against the law to have explicit photographs of somebody who is under 18 years old. It doesn't matter if either you or your partner is over 18 - it is illegal to have pictures of somebody who is under 18 years of age. 

If you do send explicit images to your partner, you can agree on how to stay safe together:

  • Have a secure app on your phone to avoid anyone else looking through it
  • Keep your face out of any photos
  • Keep other distinguishing features hidden too, such as a tattoo
  • Make sure your bedroom and any indication of where you live is out of view
  • Agree to delete the images after you've viewed them

Before you hit send remember, even if you trust your partner not to share the photos, there's always the risk they could lose their phone or be hacked.

I've sent a photo to someone and they've shared it with others... 

If anyone ever does share an image of you without your consent - or threatens to do so - then they are the ones who are in the wrong, not you. 

In Scotland, the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Act means that anyone convicted of sharing intimate images without consent could face up to five years in prison.

You can get help from Police Scotland, or chat to LawLine.

You can also take action to have online pictures removed.