Reporting for Young Scot at the Future Asset Conference

In September, Young Scot Member Alicja, was lucky enough to attend the Future Asset Conference in Glasgow and get a few behind the scenes experiences including interviewing Jo Swinson. 

Future Asset… What is it? “Working with girls in S4-S6 to raise aspirations, encouraging you to choose ambitious careers and telling you about asset management & the financial industry”.

Hello, my name is Alicja and I am an S4 student who was one of the lucky Young Scot Members to be chosen to report at the Future Asset Conference, 24th September 2019 hosted by Iona Bain. So you must be wondering… what happened on that day? And what did I do?

Future Asset Logo

The first thing we did was see a part of the speech Jo Swinson, former MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats was giving. She spoke about how all over the world it is male dominated and even though in some companies it can be women dominated, further up it will probably be males. Jo also mentioned women on social media getting different treatment not just in politics, it could be in sports and journalism. The speech was very inspiring. I and the other members of the media team then went back to the room and waited for our the chance to interview Jo Swinson herself.

During the interview, Jo Swinson was really engaging and willing to answer our questions and to listen to what we had to say. Personally, I think that some of the most interesting points Jo had to say was that if we are going to fight inequality then it’s going to have to be lots of different people at once and that we have to keep fighting. “People don't see inequality and pay gap numbers”.

Group of young people talking

We then got to listen to the ‘Rising to the Challenge’ speeches.

This speech was giving by 3 women:

  • Chelsea Cameron – Activist, Campaigner and Young Scot of the Year 2017 “You have the ability to do what you want”.
  • Ishbel Holmes – Author and World Cyclist “I just want to experience, explore”.
  • Kayleigh Haggo – Paralympian swimmer “Be resilient, I did whatever I wanted to do”.

Each one of the girls spoke strongly about their life story. I found it interesting learning about their different backgrounds and how they came to be who they are - from being treated the same or being told they can’t do something. Fortunately for these women, they were able to prove others wrong and conquer impossible challenges.

This will definitely be a day that I won’t forget with all the people involved, speakers and activities. I will look back at this and will not regret that I came. I hope that future asset will continue to grow and inspire many other young women into the world of finance, money and investment or even let them participate in different roles throughout the event whether it is through volunteering to help out or being part of the media team.

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