Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Making new things uses up loads of energy. So why not see what you can do when you cut down on the new, and reduce, reuse and recycle


How much do you throw in the bin? On average every person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks. That's loads! Here are some top tips on how to reduce your waste.

  • Try to buy things with as little packaging as possible.
  • Fixing things that are broken can be fun!
  • Use reusable bags instead of getting a new carrier bag with everything you buy.
  • Expect a lot from what you buy. Try and get as best quality as you can afford, this should ensure that it does not break easily and you don't have to buy a new one.


Your rags might be someone else's riches. Reusing means finding a loving home for your unwanted stuff. Offer your unwanted stuff to friends and family, maybe your younger sister would love that dress that doesn't quite fit, or a mate going on holiday would appreciate some of the books you have already read.

  • Reuse your stuff in new ways. Plastic containers with lids are perfect for storing leftovers and other bits and bobs like pens. 
  • Charity shops are a great place to donate the things you don't want any more. Pick up a bargain and donate to a good cause. You can pick up a bargain and vintage clothing is in fashion at the moment. 
  • Ever heard of swishing? Is it basically a big clothes swap party. Take along your unwanted clothes (in good condition) and swap them for things other people don't want.  
  • Buy rechargeable batteries instead of chucking used ones away and having to buy more.
  • Find a new home for things at Freecycle 


Did you know that in Scotland over three quarters of the rubbish we throw away could be reused or recycled? But we can recycle almost everything that we usually throw into our rubbish bins, from printer cartridges to old birthday cards!  

  • Recyclable goods include paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, mobile phones, printer cartridges, furniture, textiles, plastics, wood, batteries, metal and clothing
  • Your local supermarket will have recycling banks where you will be able to recycle paper, glass bottles, batteries and clothing.  
  • Different local authorities have different recycling facilities, find out what you are able to recycle in your area. 
  • Sort your waste into recycling bins. 
  • Look out for the food waste bins being added to your recycling facilities and compost your food instead of sending it to landfill. 

Find out more about recycling in your area at  Zero Waste Scotland.