Living With A Chronic Illness

Rebecca shares her story of growing up with a chronic illness and talks about how Teapot Trust and others supported her on the journey.

I’ll start off by introducing myself: my name's Rebecca and I’m 20 years old. Let me tell you a bit about my story.

Around age 9 I started experiencing pain beyond the normal growing pains, but no doctor, nurse or therapist would take me seriously. Over years of fighting my cause, alongside my mum, the pain got gradually worse and worse. Finally at age 14 I was diagnosed with a type of arthritis. It was heartbreaking news, I can’t lie to you, but also a huge relief that I could finally start getting the help I needed and deserved.


From there it was a hard road to recovery and to learn to live with my condition. With help of Sick Kids Hospital and Teapot Trust I got there.

I would never doubt for one moment that I would do it all over again. if I hadn’t gone through all that I wouldn’t be the strong-minded woman I am today.

My heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with a chronic illness. I know how HORRENDOUS it can be but believe me when I say, it gets better! I used to have days, weeks and months where I thought life would never get better but now, I’m here as living proof that it can and does get better.

To anyone reading this and going through similar, the advice I would give you is fight through the tough times and live life how you want to. Do anything you have a passion for, embrace your friends and family who are there for you and live life to the fullest. Take your diagnosis as a strength not as a weakness!

Rebecca make up - viking

A little bit about myself now: I am finishing my 2nd year in college for HND Makeup Artistry and hairdressing, I have won national competitions for my makeup work, I also work as a community care assistant and I am a published part time model. These things I could never have dreamed of achieving back when I was in and out of hospital.

Believe me when I say every one of us can achieve our dreams despite all the hurdles we’re given.

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