Pros and Cons of a Part-Time Summer Job

Thinking of getting a part-time job over the summer but unsure of whether it is the right move for you? We've tallied up some pros and cons of getting a part-time job over the summer.


1. You Have More Money

Getting a part-time job means that you will have more money in your pocket, this means that you either have money to save up or money to go and buy new things with your friends. Whether it’s new trainers or a festival ticket, having a part-time job over the summer could help you do all the things you want to do over the break.

2. Build your self-confidence and gain independence

A lot of teenagers are keen to get a job and start making their money because they don’t want to rely on their parents. Making your own money will bring you a step closer towards becoming more financially independent, it can help you gain a sense of responsibility and it can give you the self-confidence to achieve things on your own.

3. It can boost your CV

A part-time job over the summer can be useful for people who are waiting to go to college or university to help them gain new skills. A part-time job is great to put on your CV when applying for apprenticeships or further education, it can help to teach you new keys skills like teamwork, communication or problem-solving along with loads of other skills and qualities.


1. A job can take up lots of time

Depending on the number of hours you work along with the number of shifts you get. During the summer you might find that your friends make plans and you can’t go because of work or you could be stuck in work on the nicest day of the summer! You might find that you will need to plan your social life around your job.

2. Stressful

Teenagers already face a lot of stress with exams and other pressures from school and the summer is often seen as your time to relax. Not all jobs will be easy so you could end up feeling under a lot of stress or pressure from your work or stressed with deadlines you need to meet. This can lead to your physical or mental health deteriorating, so always make sure to look out for yourself and put your health first.

3. Early mornings

If your job requires an early start then you could find yourself getting up earlier than you would for school, and let’s be honest, everyone loves a lie in. If you have a job where you start really early in the mornings then you’re probably not going to be very happy, unless you’re a morning person!

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