Pouring Your Pay Day Down the Drain?

Do you ever find yourself in a gripe about not having any cash, despite having just been paid? Maybe it’s time to cut down on the booze…

Guzzling your cash

Ever hear yourself complaining about there being “too much month at the end of the money” or find yourself living off ramen noodles for three weeks after a big weekend partying?

While it's good to have fun, it's also important to think about your budget, which is why it might help to total up the cost of how much money you’re potentially spending each year.

Let’s think about a typical night out...

You’ll probably have a few drinks at a friends’ house before all jumping into a taxi to a nightclub, so you all chip in about five pounds. 

Then it’s straight into the nightclub, where you’ll probably end up spending £3 to £5 to get in… and maybe extra for checking your coats and bags into the cloakroom.

From then on it’s all about the drink – lets say you splash fifteen quid on drink – before you grab your coat, make your way out and probably be tempted into getting a chippy or a kebab for a few more quid before throwing another five pounds on a taxi home. 

So totaling that up, let’s say you spend an average of £35 on a night out… and do out twice a month.

That’s £70 a month… and a massive £840 a year - not including trips to the pub, or having a few drinks at a friend’s house.

Either way it all adds up!

What could you buy with that? We figured it out:

  • Four pairs of AirPods (with the wireless charging case)
  • 11 years worth of Netflix subscriptions
  • You could go see 100 films at Cineworld using your Young Scot card discount
  • You could get three years and six months worth of gym membership (on average!)
  • 67 trips to Deep Sea World with your 20% Young Scot discount

Either way, you could be missing out on a lot thanks to booze eating away at your budget – perhaps it’s time to think before throwing all your cash at drink!