Planning Ahead

Too much to do? Plan ahead! 

Stressful times are sometimes unavoidable. Planning ahead can help us cope better.

A GIF of a woman planning ahead whilst looking at a calendar

Learn to say 'no'

It's easy to keep saying 'yes' - especially to friends and family.

You can't do everything and look after yourself. Be realistic about how much spare time and energy you have.

Politely say 'no' if taking new stuff on means:

  • less time to sleep or eat
  • less time for exercise or relaxation
  • cutting time with your family
  • missing out on friends or fun

Hard times ahead

If you know you have extra responsibilities coming at work or at home:

  • arrange to get help if you can
  • see what other responsibilities you can offload or put off
  • pay extra attention to sleeping well and eating well
  • step up physical activity and relaxation to compensate
  • plan extra breaks to give yourself a chance to rest