VIDEO: Conversations with Organ & Tissue Transplant Recipients

On March 26th 2021 the law is changing around organ and tissue donation in Scotland.

We spoke to two transplant recipients about their experience of receiving a donation.

Ross Fraser

Ross is the recipient of a living kidney donation. Watch his story below.

Lisa Hertwig

Lisa is the recipient of a deceased double-lung tranplantation. Watch her story below.


From March 26th 2021, Scotland has moved to an opt-out system, meaning from age 16 and over, it will be assumed when you die that you are ok with donation your organs and tissue, unless you make a donation decision. You can opt-out of this, or opt in for donation and select what you'd like to donate if you die in circumstances where you're eligible to via Organ Donation Scotland's website.

Visit Young Scot's Organ & Tissue Donation information pages.