Online Opportunities and Resources in the Arts

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Online courses 

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Partly owned by The Open University, FutureLearn has a wide variety of short term courses created by universities from around the world that can all be completed online, from the comfort of your home.

Courses are often free but an optional fee is usually required to gain a certificate of completion or extra time to complete the course. They often only require a small commitment of a few hours a week to complete and are full of a variety of learning exercises such as discussions and debates with other course members, reading articles and summarising arguments and ultimately getting a chance to make your opinion heard.  

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Centre of Excellence 

Similar to FutureLearn, Centre of Excellence is an award-winning, American platform which provides thousands of courses that help develop transferable skills in a number of different fields.

Courses are designed by leading industry experts, have many resources to help you learn including access to audiobooks and are, again, all available online to be completed whenever and wherever you are able to. You can get a certificate to download as well, upon completion. These courses do cost money to complete and this gives you unlimited time to complete them and you’re able to return to their resources whenever you like. 

If you find a course and you need help with funding it, look at Creative Scotland's funding page.

LinkedIn Learning  

'LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career.'

They offer 15,000+  courses and more are added weekly. And you can filter through depending on how much time you want to spend on each course, what level you are aiming for, the type of course you're looking for and the software that you have available.  

You can get a 1-month free trial if you join LinkedIn Learning.

Online Residency with World of Co

This is an open call for an online residency taught by artists.

This residency includes a cultural program with lectures and discussions by artists and art professionals; individual discussions about your art with established artists; group critiques moderated by an established artist; group shared discussions on progress and project stages throughout the residency; and insights into artistic research and process. Ultimately, the course helps you to build an effective online presence as an artist and become part of an online group of WOC Alumni with around 100 artists from all over the world. 

Other resources

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Writing a CV for the Creative Industries

A fantastic resource put together by the University of Arts London, the University for the Creative Arts and the University College Falmouth, this guide gives you tips and advice on what to include in a CV for the arts. It provides examples of good features, advice for specific sectors within the arts such as freelancers, film-makers and academia and advice on cover letters and email etiquette. Useful for anyone who needs CV writing advice! 

Skills Development Scotland - Employability Skills 

A great resource which helps you to develop your employability skills and to work out your plans for a future career. It is important to identify the transferable and employable skills you gain from your hobbies, including the arts.

Remember, you aren't just learning to paint, sing, or dance but you're learning skills such as teamwork, leadership, initiative, creativity, and organisation which will help make you employable! 

Creative Entrepreneurs Club

Want to know some of the secrets behind becoming successful in the creative industry? Have a free one-to-one session with a creative entrepreneur and find out!

Each person is a leading expert in their industry and they are all very willing to have a chat and answer your questions about their work. You can filter through the options to find the best person for you to speak to or just read all of their bios and find the most interesting one to you.  


Similar to Skills Development Scotland, Prospects give advice about graduate careers.

If you're studying a degree programme, you can look up your degree programme (or future degree programme) and it can tell you what transferable skills you've learnt from your degree, including arts degrees, appropriate postgraduate study and suggestions for future careers you can explore with your degree. Remember that an arts degree doesn't just mean you can only become an artist - there is so much more you can do and Prospects will help you discover the possibilities.  


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The John Byrne Award

The John Byrne Award is a free, online exhibition, competition, and community that awards £7,500 annually.

BBC Writersroom

An online resource for writers that also has details of opportunities and events within the industry.

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