Nurturing Talent - Time To Shine Fund

Creative Scotland’s Nurturing Talent – Time to Shine Fund aims to support the artistic and creative ideas of young people aged 11 to 25.

We want to award funding to young people that show ambition, enthusiasm or talent in their chosen art form and require some financial support to develop or promote this further.

Funding may also be awarded to those who face significant barriers to access, such as rural isolation or additional support requirements.

Who is eligible for funding?

You must be aged 11 to 25 years old and live in Scotland to be eligible for funding.

The fund is open to both groups and individuals who can apply for a minimum of £50 and maximum of £1000.

Details of all group members should be included on the application form and the majority of the group should be aged 11 to 25.

Your application, and the ideas behind your application must be led by young people and therefore should be written by young people, unless there is a specific reason this is not possible (e.g. dyslexia, learning difficulty etc.)

We will not accept applications that are not directly from young people.

We will consider all costs, except for:

  • Fees, or the subsidy of fees for workshops/courses/auditions. However, support with travel and/or accommodation to attend a workshop/course may be considered for exceptional circumstances – e.g. rural isolation, additional support requirements, and affordability.
  • We will not fund participation in competitions or any associated costs.
  • Activities which have already started.
  • The purchase of equipment (with the exception of rented equipment for a one-off performance or similar)

Looking for funding for any of these things?

The Princes’ Trust may be able to help, with funding that can be used towards course fees, transport or equipment to help young people get into education, training or employment. Get more information on the Princes' Trust website.

When are the deadlines?

The fund is currently closed but we expect it to relaunch with a further set of deadlines later in the year.