Myths and Facts About Sex and Gender

There are lots of myths about being transgender – we clear up the misconceptions and give you the facts about what sex, gender and being transgender means.

Myth: All people who are transgender need to undergo surgery.

Fact: Being transgender means different things to different people- everyone’s journey is different.

Myth: Trans people are gay.

Fact: Being trans is about gender not sexuality – trans people can be gay, straight or bi.

Myth: You only get trans women, you don’t get trans men.

Fact: There are lots of trans men but currently, trans women have received more media attention.

Myth: Transgender identities are immoral.

Fact: Many trans people have faith and there are a growing number of trans friendly places of worship.

Myth: Surgery/hormones will mean your body will change overnight.

Fact: Everybody’s body changes differently and at different paces. There’s no set timeline.

Myth: All trans people stick out like sore thumbs.

Fact: Everybody is different whether they are trans or not.

Myth: If you are a cross-dresser or gender queer you want to change gender.

Fact: Not all trans people want to change their gender; it’s about the person being happy and doing what makes them feel comfortable.

Myth: All trans people are confused.

Fact: Trans people are no more confused or no less confused than anyone else.

Myth: Being transgender is a choice.

Fact: Being trans is no more a choice than being tall, straight or black. Trans people however have to choose how honest they are with themselves and others.

Myth: All trans people are depressed and unhappy.

Fact: Many trans people live happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

Myth: If you are transsexual and haven’t had surgery you shouldn’t want to have sex.

Fact: Some transsexual people will still have sexual feelings and still want to have sex – it’s whatever feels right for you.

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This article originally featured on LGBT Youth Scotland and has been republished here with their permission.

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