My Day At Glasgow Caledonian University

Shannon won a work shadowing event through Safer Internet Day. She recently spent 3 days at Glasgow Caledonian University and told us about her experiences.

Tuesday 1st Sept

I spent the morning with the Comms team at GCU.  We started with how news and stories concerning the university are found and how relevant they are. It was interesting to learn about which applications the team used for this. 

I was also shown how such news is posted for students and GCU associates to view on the website, as well as the social media platforms. A daily Uni-related news digest for staff was also compiled in this time. 

Fiona then demonstrated how best to get news stories out through contacting specific people who have interests in the specific articles and their subjects. This was especially relevant for me as I know that I can apply this knowledge later in life. There was also the opportunity to go outside and watch an interview being filmed which was incredibly exciting. 

In the afternoon, I visited the Digital Team where I got to learn about the different websites and programmes they use including- Google AdMananger, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and TerminalFour. 

I was shown how GCU websites are constructed (with html), which I had never seen before.  I was also shown how the websites contents are updated and edited, which was interesting to see. 

I got the chance to learn about ‘landing pages’ and how the Digital and Marketing Teams advertise on a number of different platforms. Overall, the first day has been full of useful and highly interesting information.

Wednesday 2nd Sept

Even though I was at GCU for work experience, I got the opportunity to go to the open day welcome talk. This was extremely useful as I am looking for a potential university to study at and now I know more about GCU life.

I constructed interview questions to ask both a Mentor and a member of staff to gather information on mentoring. It was after this that I got to do further work with the marketing department.

The design brief for the poster had to be rewritten so that it could be sent to DPS. Looking at the information I gathered in the interviews as well as from resources I had been given, I could construct a fitting brief.

That afternoon, I went down to work with the DPS department. I was given a tour of the design studio and the printing room. Richard, who is in charge of the department, was the one to do this. He also demonstrated how to use the latest design packages.

In this time, I got to look at the brief again and experiment with different designs until we had a number of posters that met the specifications. I then continued to help the team tweak each design until we had 4 useable designs. These were emailed to Susan, who then forwarded it to a select group of people to verify which one to use for printing.

Thursday 3rd Sept

In the morning, the Conferencing and Events Department invited me along to their meeting about the events they were putting on. This gave me insight into what working in events might entail, which was extremely useful for me as it is something I am considering to study at college or university.

It was during the meeting that I discovered how many aspects of events and conferences that must be planned and considered. After the meeting, I went back to DPS to see Richard. We made the finishing touches to the posters and then waited for replies of conformation or requests for changes in the poster. The poster was edited for the last time and confirmed ready for print in the afternoon.

Next, I met with a member of the Digital Department to work on the social media aspects. I learned about the different ways to use social media, as a leisure user and as a corporate company. I then applied this new found knowledge to tweet about the final draft of the poster. The poster looks amazing and will even be shown on the University’s interactive message board in the Saltire Centre, their main building.

What I learned

To summarise this experience, I gained a lot of confidence and got the opportunity to see what working life is like. I also got the chance to engage in many different aspects in many different roles which will be important for future ventures and prospectus.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Glasgow Caledonian and would love to come back, hopefully as a student next time. I got the chance to learn new skills and build on the ones I already had and know that the experience was well worth it.

I feel like I know more about what’s on offer for me and what I can do with my life now that I have had this opportunity. I also understand just how lucky I am to have received the opportunity and hope that there are more like this in the future.

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