Moving From Primary School to Secondary School

First Year

So, you're making the jump up from primary school to secondary... 

School life will be different from now on, but don’t be too intimidated! Being in first year, teachers will make sure you are settling in and help you find your way around. 

The first week will be mostly about introducing the new school year, and then you will ease into the first year curriculum. Everything will appear new to you, but don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Making Friends

If you are going to high school for the first time, you will be put in a form class with lots of new classmates. This may seem intimidating, but remember that everyone is in the same boat and they are probably feeling as nervous as you!

You may know some of your classmates from primary school or not know any of them. Don’t worry, after a couple of days you will hopefully know everyone’s name and will have a few a mates to hang out with.

Making friends isn’t as hard as it may appear. Try to be open minded and give everyone a chance and they will do the same to you.

On your first day, try striking up a conversation about where your classmates are from, what they have done during their summer holiday, and try to establish if you have anything in common with them. If the conversation flows for a while, you could be in luck!

The advice to making new friends is to be yourself. If you come across as friendly and genuine then other people will see you as an easy going person. 

Take an interest in what the other people have to say. Remember that people love nothing more than talking about themselves!

Clubs and Societies

From football to art, cheerleading to chess, most schools have a variety of different clubs and societies for you to join! These are a great way to make new friends and pick up a new interest or hobby. 

If you don’t give something a try and find out where your talents lie, you may live to regret it when you are older!

Why not ask your form teacher in your first class about what is available and when. Remember that most of these classes will take place after school, so don’t commit to anything without consulting with your parent or guardian. 

Don’t be put off by the myths!

Every year some students dread going to high school because they fear that they will be picked on by older students, the teachers won’t be as warm as they had been in primary school and they will be ignored if they have any problems.

Thankfully, in most cases, the above is not true! However, if you do experience any form of bullying (be it online or face to face), don’t suffer in silence and talk to someone you trust, be it a teacher, or a guardian. Check out this article about what to do if you're being bullied or head to our Bullying landing page for more information.