Download Our Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Do you want a way to relax and keep your mind occupied? 

Grab some pens or pencils and start colouring using our selection of prints. 

Colouring helps to relax, unwind and keep your mind occupied. It can take your mind away from worries and stress by using your energy to colour and appreciate the results. For a lot of people, colouring can help reduce anxiety. We have created some colouring pages for you to try out - whether you want to chill out, unplug from your phone or your laptop, or just take some time out for yourself, it's well worth a go! 

All you need to do is download an image below, print it off, and have your colouring pencils at the ready. If you use one of our 'thank you NHS' signs, we'd love to see photographs of them in your windows - make sure to tag us on social media!

The Full Colouring Book.