Make the Most of Those Summer Photos with Jessops

Summer's almost at an end! What better way to remember the great times over the last few months than to get your fave photos on your phone printed out as a physical copy. With your Young Scot card, you can get 25% off a range of printing options at Jessops whether it be standard photo prints, canvases or even personalised calendars and phone covers so the possibilities are endless!

Digital vs Print

Sure, it’s great looking back at your photos on your computer or phone or sharing these with pals through social media, but having a physical copy is a chance to make the memories feel that bit more special.

We take digital photo’s more than ever before, it was estimated that 1.2 trillion photos were taken last year, but most of these will end up forgotten or lost amongst hundreds or thousands on our phone or cloud backup. So why not do something with these photos? Even if it’s just a single shot that you love, get it printed and hold that memory in your hand, put it on your wall, frame it or give it to a friend.


You could make a photo album of Summer 19’, print off a bunch of your fav photos and stick them into an album. At Jessops you can get 6"x 4" photo prints for 6p per print, so say you need 30 for your album, that's only £1.35 with your Young Scot discount.

You could write notes under each photo including the date when it was taken (your phone photos include date and time for reference) and any memories of the day to remind future you of what you were up to. You could even stick in gig tickets and other physical things that relate to each photo. It’s a great way to get creative by making something you can enjoy for the months and years to come, it can also make an amazing personalised gift for a friend or loved one!

If you don’t like getting print stick on your fingers, there’s another option out there that’s similar to the DIY photo album, the photo book. Photo books will contain all your fav photos but will all be pre-printed onto the page! Jessops have got loads of photobook options starting from £7.50, thats £5.60 with your Young Scot discount!

Still not feeling inspired. Get your beautiful photos printed on a mug, puzzle or even a towel. There’s so many options out there.

Be sure to check out the Jessops discount and find out where your local store is.