Learning About STEM Outside the Classroom

Are you interested in learning more about Science, Technology, Maths or Engineering (STEM)… but want to do it on your own time outside of education? 

There are lots of different ways to explore a passion and interest in STEM subjects outside of the classroom - you don't need to be limited to your textbook and school classes!

Take a look below at some of the great extra-curricular activities you can get involved in when it comes to STEM. 

Do you want to learn about a subject in a more visual or tactile way?

Festivals and big events can be a great way to get some hands-on learning experience, and they're a lot of fun too! 

There are plenty of exciting annual events around Scotland that provide a different way to learn about STEM – from speeches by leading experts, to informative stalls from organisations, interactive activities and getting your hands messy with experiments. 

Below is a list of some great festivals around Scotland that focus on STEM subjects, although this list isn’t exhaustive. 

Additionally, you could check with your local youth groups to see if they have any extra-curricular clubs that you could join or contact your local university, college or science centre to find out about Maths Circles or other open events that they host.

Do you want to get more competitive with your STEM knowledge and skills?

Already honed some skills in a particular area and want to put them to the test? Do you have a bit of a competitive streak and want to gain more hands-on experience? There are lots of competitions you can get involved with both with your school, outside of school, in a team or individually. 

If you're at school or in further education, check with your institution to see if there are any extra-curricular clubs or competitions you can join. Some examples of clubs or competitions you might be able to enter include:  

Additionally, check with your local youth groups to see if they have any extra-curricular clubs that you could join. 

If you’re interested in creating and designing things, why not try making an app, website, or game yourself? There are lots of tutorials online and advice when it comes to coding and developing tech. 

Would you like to learn more for free?

If you are interested in learning about coding and creating your own website, you could use YouTube and social media channels, or free online courses to help you build your knowledge. 

Instagram and YouTube channels are a great, easy, free way of building up your knowledge on a particular area. Some great STEM-based channels to get you started include: 



Universities, colleges and businesses also offer free courses online. Websites like Future Learn have thousands of free, online courses (sometimes called MOOCs – Massive open online course) on a range of subjects. Whilst organisations like Barclays and Google have their own courses. 

Would you like to combine a fun day out with STEM? 

How about visiting one of Scotland’s many museums or science centres? You could take an afternoon on the weekend to wander around the Royal Observatory  in Edinburgh, or maybe the Glasgow Science Centre, or the National Museum of Flight. There are lots of different museums and centers around Scotland, so get planning your next weekend out!  

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