Kirill on... Going Back to School

Kirill, 15, from Penicuik and who is part of the Young Scot Innovators shares his top tips for going back to school and getting the support you need with studying and exams. 

Back To School! Some of us have already gone back, and some of us will be going back very shortly. With everything in life, there are things you can do to have a more pleasant time. You can find lots of tips online that can help you to get a better grade, enjoy the year more and make more friends.

As I have gone through school, I can confidently say that grades have been a very big worry for me and there are things I did to help me prepare as much as possible so I can minimise the worries.  Today I would like to share a few of those things that have helped me improve my grade!

Back to school tips with photograph of Kirill

Ask your teacher for extra support if needed

We are all humans and some of us understand concepts better than others. The teachers are there to support you and they will understand if you go and ask for help. If you are a bit hesitant to ask them in-person you can always send them a quick email.


If you are still a bit worried to ask your teacher or you would like more support on top of what your teacher is working with you on. You could try a free tutoring platform such as - they use a peer tutoring model, meaning that most of the time you will be learning from people that are a similar age to you! This has many benefits such as them being able to explain concepts differently to your teachers that might click with you faster. This tutoring will mostly be done through Zoom, but if you prefer tutoring in the form of a chat you could also try EasyA.

Lots of time to study

Make sure that you set aside plenty of time to study, if you have a lot of big tests coming up then you don't want to have to cram or end up studying the night before as nobody wants to be doing a test whilst wanting to sleep! Keep your mental health in mind when studying don't neglect eating or taking time to exercise or taking time to be mindful. With this in mind try to give yourself regular breaks, I would recommend trying the Pomodoro method 50-10.

Take a look at our article on time management techniques for more ideas on how to manage your time.

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