Introducing the Climate Co-Design Group

Introducing some of the 50 volunteers and climate activists from across Scotland who have joined forces to create Scotland's official #COP26 youth climate programme! Meet the panel and find out why they wanted to get involved below.

Photographs of panel members Tigerliliy, Rory, Pauline and Eisean


The reason I joined the Climate Co-Design Group is because I see the effects of Climate change every day, living by the coast I see climate change in the form of sea-level rise and pollution in general. I am part of a generation that will have to deal with Climate change and if we don't take action then who will? I heard about the Climate Co-Design group through my school and was very interested and really thought that it could help with making a change and that I could be part of that even if just in a small way. 


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I wanted to make a positive difference to the climate and the environment. It is also very important to me that we, the young, have our voice heard in tackling the climate crisis, as we will inevitably have to deal with the repercussions of inaction and delay now. I saw the CCDG as the best way to do this and bring COP26 to Scotland's communities. 


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I've often felt helpless when discussing or thinking about climate change. Volunteering for YoungScot and working with others towards COP26 is a contribution that I can make as a young person at the moment, even if it is only a small one, to help solve this global issue. 


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group to deepen my knowledge of climate change, to make a difference in this rapidly changing situation that we’re in and to help encourage more young people to take action in Scotland. 

Photographs of panel members Rosa, Gerda, Rhei and Marcus


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I am passionate about protecting the planet, especially as its future hangs in the balance. This project is an incredible opportunity to reach out to more young people across Scotland to raise their awareness and empower them to take action to look after our environment, which is something I also think is very important.  


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I am interested and passionate about environmental protection, climate change and nature conservation. I think that age shouldn't matter in these types of discussions and hopefully, we can implement some change. 


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I care about our environment and I feel that more action should be taken, and quicker. I believe that young people's voices should be listened to when it comes to the effects of climate change as we and the future generations are the ones who will be facing the greatest consequences. Hence, I am happy that by joining this group I am able to engage with other young people who are keen on working to solve the current environmental crisis. 


My motivation to join the Climate Co-Design Group was to help contribute to COP-26. Living in rural Angus I am witnessing firsthand the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. So, by joining the group I hope to make sure the COP-26 is remembered for both putting young climate activists front and centre and for being a turning point in the race to stop the climate emergency.       

Photographs of panel members Kirstin, Andrew, Kira and Samantha


I joined the Climate Co-design Group because I have a keen interest in the environment and I want to ensure that young people have the opportunity and skills necessary to play a part in shaping our future. 


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I am passionate about making change and having young people’s opinions and voices being heard to shape the country we live in. I believe that age shouldn’t be a barrier and it is fantastic to meet other young people to debate and talk about current problems and come up with youth solutions. 


I joined to Climate Co-design Group because I care about Young People and believe they should have an influence in what type of world we grow up in. I’m passionate about creating a future we can be proud of. 


I joined the climate co-design group to make a difference when it come to saving the environment before it’s too late as that is something that is so important to me. I also joined to put myself out there and make friends and improve my confidence and life skills.  

Photographs of panel members Alasdair, Olivia, Dylan and Poppy


I joined the Climate Co-Design Group because I care about our planet and its inhabitants. 


I joined the climate co-design group because the climate emergency is the biggest problem we’re facing and requires the greatest change from society.


I Joined the climate codesign Group, not only because I'm’ already volunteering for COP26, but also I want to do as much as I can to combat climate change. Also I have plenty of stories about the work I’ve done, not only with the climate co-design group but with COP and climate-change related-work in general on my COP Twitter. 


I joined the climate co-design group to help improve the environment so that everyone (including nature) can enjoy life, I also joined the group to meet new people and to develop new skills 

Photographs of panel members Erin, Ronan, Cameron, Fynn and Rosie


I joined because I want to help the environment and everyone and everything on it.  


I joined this group to speak up about the problems in my area and to help in some way to tackle climate. I want to act now and do something and find answers for my community before the clock runs out. I want to make a difference for the future and society finally bring some space to our only home! 


I joined this project because I want to educate people on how to solve climate change and I want to try and make an impact on the world's carbon footprint. 


I joined the group so I could help others make better decisions. I'm passionate about the environment and love our landscapes. I think we could all make a big difference if we all work together. 


I joined the group as I am a keen environmentalist who really wants to make a difference before it's too late. I'm a big believer that by making small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference.

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