How Your Phone Can Help You Study

Tools on your phone and tablet 



Why not make a revision plan in your calendar assigning time everyday to the subjects you want to revise?


Set revision reminders to allow you to keep on top of your work and help you keep focus.


If you have a spare 10 minutes on the bus, why not test what you have revised early by re-writing your notes into your phone? 

Voice Memo

You could also use your phone to record yourself reading your notes aloud and then listen to them with headphones before bed or while you are travelling.

Music Player

Make a motivation playlist with songs that will help you get through your studying.

Revision apps 

SQA: My Study Plan - Free

You can create your own study plan based on your exam timetable. The app will create a study plan for you, which can be adjusted to meet your individual needs and priorities.

The plan sets out a day by day revision schedule, telling you how many minutes/hour you should be setting aside per subject.

Why not try our What your Study Style? quiz to find out how you learn best!

Beware of distractions 

While Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are great for getting support from friends during stressful revision, they can be very distracting.

If you're easily distracted try temporarily deleting social media apps from your phone. Once revision is done it won’t take long to download again.

You could set yourself revision targets and if you meet them, you could log on through your internet browser to chat to your friends as a reward or incentive!

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