How to Use Your Phone or Tablet for Revision

Check out some ways you can use your phone or tablet to help you revise for upcoming tests. This can make the time you spend looking at a screen really productive.

1. Planning
Graphic of a someone using a calendar on a smartphone.

Use your phone to help you be the most organised you can be when it comes to revision or homework. The calendar, alarms and reminders on your phone or tablet can help to plan the time that you want to spend on your revision.

Don’t forget to plan breaks into your study time.

2. Taking Notes

Use the ‘notes’ function to write up what you have been revising on your phone. This gives you an easy way to read back your notes on the go. 

If you have a spare 10 minutes when you are travelling to or from school on the bus, you could also test what you have revised early by re-writing your notes into your phone.

3. Use Your Voice

You could also use your phone to record yourself reading your notes aloud and then listen to them with headphones before bed or while you are travelling. This can help you to remember the information in a different way.

Find out your study style. 

4. Apps

There are lots of apps which can be really useful to your revision and can help you to plan and organise your time well. 

The SQA: My Study Plan App allows you to create your own study plan based on your exam timetable. The app will create a study plan for you, which can be adjusted to meet your individual needs and priorities. 

The plan sets out a day by day revision schedule, telling you how long you should be setting aside per subject. 

Don't trust yourself not to get distracted by social media apps?

Why not try downloading Blocksite to help keep you focused on the task in hand? Check out Apps That Can Help You Limit Your Screen Time for other ways to reduce the use of distracting apps.

5. Have a Break

It's important to schedule in breaks and time to relax when you’re revising too. Why not use your phone to listen to music, watch an episode of your fave Netflix show, check your social media or chat with your friends?  

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