How to Respect Each Other's Study Boundaries

We all learn differently and have different strengths - some of us don't need to spend much time studying and absorb information really easily, whereas others need to put in a lot of time and effort to make sure they ace their exams. 

It’s really important to respect other people during exam season – you might study completely differently to your mates, so you should help them any way you can!

Your mates might all want to do fun stuff during your study leave – and it’s important to take time to enjoy yourself and relax whilst your studying! But if you know you really need to knuckle down and study (especially for subjects you struggle with) then there’s going to be times where you're going to have to say no to hanging out.

If you do need to say no to friends who are particularly persuasive, it can be handy to have some excuses ready.  It’s good to spend time with your mates to chill out and relax, so be sure to try another day that works for you both.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • I’m kinda struggling in Maths, so I’m gonna need to study more so I can try and pass.  Next time though?
  • I’ve going to see my Geography tutor that day, but I totally want a catch up! When are you next free?  
  • I really need to work on my essays for Modern Studies, I didn’t finish them in time during the prelims! But once that exam is over then I’m free to hang out!
  • I’ve got a conditional for college and I really need this B in Chemistry. You still up for 5-a-side on Tuesday though?

Remember, they’ve got to be based on the truth – you can’t say you’ve got to revise for Biology tomorrow if you don’t even take the subject!

I don't think my mates will believe me – how can I be more assertive?

  • Practice what you are going to say or write it down before. Just don't bring your notes out when your friends ask you if you want to go to the cinema!
  • Be calm and confident and speak politely and clearly.
  • Make sure you make eye contact. Not looking at them will make them think you are lying - although be sure not to just stare at them. That will make everyone a bit uncomfortable!

Remember: Real friends won’t pressure you into something you don’t want to do, or have said no to doing. Just be firm, don’t make a big deal of it, and don’t let yourself be persuaded otherwise.

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