How to Not Let Studying Take Over Your Life

Although your exams are important, so is your mental and physical health. So here’s some tips to avoid studying taking over your entire life!

It’s exam season – and it can be hard not to feel pressured into spending every waking moment studying! With study Instagrams, Tumblr blogs and YouTube channels, it can feel like if you aren’t studying this very minute, you're falling behind.

Plan in advance

If you’ve made a studying calendar (which is a super good idea btw) then make sure to build in some breaks. You don’t spend all of your school day in class – you get breaks and a lunch hour – because your brain can only absorb a certain amount of information in a day. If you overload it, it’s just not going to go in, and your ‘studying’ will really be for nothing. Give your brain the rest it needs to catch up on all the info you’re cramming into it!  

Do the things you love

If you have hobbies, don’t give them up when you’re studying! If you do athletics, or football or swim – don’t drop it all because it’s your exam leave. It’s really important to take breaks, and it’s great to have some down time to do something you love! And it’s the same if you love painting, playing video games, or baking.  Study leave isn’t about all study, no play (but it’s important to have balance and not to do too much of one or the other)

Spend time with people!

Hang out with your younger siblings, your family and your friends during your study leave. It's important to make time for the people in your life, and they can help take your mind off the stress of exams. Why not go see a funny film to release some laughter and boost your mood? Remember your Young Scot card for money off!

Tidy up!

If the place where you are studying or sleeping is messy, it can make your thoughts feel all jumbled up too. Clear up the spaces where you're spending time to clear your head! Plus it's an opportunity to get rid of some old clothes and give them to charity, which will make you feel better too! 

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