How to Make the Most of Your First School Disco

There's more to Halloween than pumpkins and ghosts. It's often the time for the first school disco of the year. If you've never been to one before, read our tips so you know what to expect and avoid a ghoulish time.

1. Get your parents on board

Your parents or guardians might be slightly anxious about you going to your first school disco. Speak to them in advance about your plans, and decide together how you're getting to and from the disco. Not sure how to approach them, check out our tips for negotiating with your parents.

2. Team up with a friend

Sometimes walking in to a big event on your own can be intimidating. Why not arrange to meet a friend beforehand so you're not on your own? You could also go round to theirs to get ready beforehand to make the fun start earlier. Why not give our spook-tacular playlist a listen to get you in the mood.

3. Don't follow the crowd

If your friends aren't going to the disco, but you still want to, don't let it put you off. It can be a great way of speaking to classmates you don't normally talk to away from the classroom. Find out who else you know that is going and ask to meet them in there.

4. Get into the spirit of the night

It might sound obvious, but Halloween works best if everyone gets into the spirit of the event and dresses up. Costumes don't need to be expensive, and it's easy and fun to make a DIY costume at home. Remember, the aim is to be scary - don't worry about looking trendy or perfectly done-up for your Instagram photos.

5. Don't worry about kissing

School discos are always surrounded by rumours about people kissing. If the thought of it fills you with dread, don't panic. There will be lots of other people in the same boat as you. If you don't want to kiss someone or pair off with a dance partner, be honest and politely decline. And if you're hoping to kiss your crush but worried you won't get a chance put it to the back of your mind and concentrate on having fun with your friends instead.

6. Say no to peer pressure

Sometimes people try and smuggle in alcohol or cigarettes to discos. If you're offered any substances, don't be tempted to try them. You don't where they got them and what might have been done to them first. Plus, if you're caught with them, you'll be in serious trouble, and it's really not worth spoiling your night. Be strong and say no.

7. Have fun!

School discos are a great place to get to know your schoolmates outside of class, so the most important thing is just to have fun!

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