How to Get Started Playing Tennis

With Wimbledon well underway, maybe you can see yourself as the next Andy Murray or Serena Williams. Jumping into a new sport can be hard though, so we’re here to give you some pointers on how to get started.

What do I need?

There are a few key pieces of equipment every tennis player needs. First and foremost – a racquet. You don’t have to fork out for the most expensive pro-racquet straight away though. You can rent one from the gym/leisure centre/court you're playing at, or start off buying a cheap one and see how you like it first. As you get better and have been playing for longer you can invest in more professional equipment. Find your nearest leisure centre.

What do I wear?

Shorts and the correct shoes are also an essential for tennis. You want to be able to move as quickly and easily as possible. A comfy pair of shorts and good set of sports trainers will do you for starting out. If you decide you really like it, you can kit yourself out with the full tennis gear further down the line.

Do I need to take any safety precautions?

Tennis is a full body workout so remember to take along a water bottle and drink lots to stay hydrated. Your body is 50% water, so in order to maintain your peak performance, make sure you keep your water levels topped up.

Remember to warm up and cool down too, if you warm up it helps reduce how sore you will be after and will reduce the chances of you getting hurt.

If you have any weaknesses in any parts of your body or have asthma, make sure you don’t push your body to do more than it can handle.

Where can I get started?

Search for a tennis club near you and see if you can book in for some lessons. By playing and getting taught by somebody above your level, you’ll improve and learn quickly. You’ll also be able to ask them any questions you have and be shown all the correct techniques.

You can also have a look for tennis courts in your area which you can hire out for an hour or two with a group of friends.

Remember, you’re not going to become an expert overnight so take your time. Practice makes perfect so don’t give up if you can’t pick it up right away.

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