How To Get More Physical Activity

You should be getting 30 mins to an hour at least of physical activity a day to keep you healthy. We have some tips on how to boost the amount of exercise you do! 

How much is enough?

You should get at least an hour of moderate physical activity every day.
This can include lifestyle activities like walking briskly to school or the shops, dancing as well as playing games or sport.
You can build it up to an hour a day in chunks:

15 minute walk to school + half an hour playing games + 15 minute walk back from school = 1 hour.

What's the point in keeping active?

Keeping up our levels of physical activity helps us to prevent long-term illness like cancer and diabetes. It is good for our mental health, and don't forget it can be fun!
High impact activities like playing football, basketball, netball or running, can also make our bones stronger.

Why is exercise good for mental health?

Physical activity releases chemicals in our brains that help us feel good.
On top of all that, getting the blood pumping helps get more oxygen flowing around and can help us concentrate better and sleep better.
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How can I be more physically active?

Why not try this free range of exercise videos from the NHS that are easy to do at home?

Need more exercise? Try these:

Get up and walk

If you get a bus to school or to the shops, get off a few stops early and walk or run the rest of the way. That little bit extra walking can make such a difference.

Take the stairs

Shun the elevator! Ignore the escalator!

Have a kick about

Find a ball and some mates or a wall - mind that window though!

Dance your troubles away

Grab your hairbrush and dance along!

Shoot hoops

Basketball and netball take up loads of energy.

Get on your bike

Go for a cycle and explore - you'll be amazed at how much further you can go by bike than on foot in the same time. Why not check out some of these cycling routes across Scotland?


Few things beat the satisfaction of knowing you managed to run all that way! 

Walk the dog

Your pet will enjoy getting some fresh air and so will you.

Go Swimming

Swimming is great all-over exercise and can be a good choice if you have mobility problems.

Get your skates on

Meet some mates at the ramp or rink. Skating on blades, wheels or boards never fails to get the blood pumping.