How To Get About In Winter Weather

The weather can make it difficult to travel during the winter months - but we've got some tips on how to keep you on the move!

Double check travel before you leave

Before you leave in the morning, or leave uni/school/work at the end of the say, have a look on various website for travel updates. You can search for your local area on the BBC travel site and find out where there is congestion, roadworks or accidents.

Look up alternative methods of travel

Find out how else you can get to where you need to go. Train? Bus? Tram? Make sure you have back up plans.

Download handy apps

Download apps like Scotrail which will let you know about train delays and route disruptions. and Traveline Scotland will help you plan journeys on all forms of public transport. Find out if your local taxi company that you know and trust has an app, it could come in handy!

Track on social media

Follow local bus companies, Scotrail, Ready Scotland and metofficeScot on Twitter.

Make sure you know when the last trains are

Double check before you head on a night out – always plan how you’ll get home after in advance. Read our advice on how to stay safe whilst out partying for more info.


Make sure your phone is fully charged.

Bring snacks!


Make sure brakes, tyres, lights, batteries, windscreens and wiper blades are in good condition.

Consider getting winter tyres.

All windows should be demisted and fully cleared of any frost, snow or ice.

All lights including reflectors must be kept clean and clear and be in good working order.

Keep an emergency kit in the car.


Wear a helmet!

Make sure you are visible to road users by wearing bright high vis clothing and having your light on at night (which is required by law). To make yourself extra visible why not get a high-vis cover for your rucksack or add extra reflectors to your wheels?

Consider heavier duty tyres to cope with slippery surfaces.

Make sure you get a routine bike maintenance check.