How to Find a Temporary Christmas Job

Finding a temporary holiday job can be tricky so we have some helpful pointers to help you snag that perfect Christmas holiday job! 

1. Timing

It might seem far away but the best way to secure a holiday job is to apply early! A lot of bigger companies start to advertise posts for seasonal staff in September/October, so don’t wait until last minute and start looking ASAP. 

2. Figure out what kind of work you want to do

There are loads of different sectors that hire extra staff over Christmas - so pick whichever one interests you the most! Here are a few examples:

Retail – clothing stores tend to hire large numbers of seasonal workers for temporary shifts over the Christmas break. However, all retail shops – from perfume to kitchenware, homeware to garden centres – hire extra staff over the festive season.

Hospitality – if you’re over 18, why not consider a job in a pub, bar or restaurant? With work Christmas dinners, and plenty of folk out celebrating the holidays, extra waiting and bar staff are always welcome.

Packaging  Royal Mail hire huge amounts of "Christmas Casuals" over the festive period to deal with increased workload, and other organisations may also need help with packaging and delivering orders. Remember to think outside the box when searching!

Festival and Event staff – plenty of towns host their own festive events and may be looking for staff behind the bar, on the ice-rink, in Santa's grotto, or manning stalls. Find your local events website and see if the providers need any extra staff!

3. How and Where to Apply

Get online – Gone are the days of trailing around town and handing in paper CVs - many larger companies only take applications online either through forms or uploading a CV. Search online for the big brands you want to target and find their "Careers" or "Vacancies" section (sometimes found at the bottom of the website or under 'About Us' or 'Our Team) Check out our tips on how to fill in application forms or how to write the perfect CV

Social Media – A lot of organisations will advertise on their local branch’s Facebook page or Instagram. If you've got a favourite local clothing branch or restaurant, why not check out their social media to see if they're hiring? 

Hand out some CVs – Smaller, independent businesses may still be happy to take your CV in person if they don’t have a website to take applications.  

Word of Mouth – Sometimes people know ahead of advertising whether or not their workplace is hiring – if you let your friends and family know you’re looking, you never know what opportunities might be available!

4. Availability

Remember that companies are hiring extra staff for a short period - you may need to be available for the entire festive period (sometimes even Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve/Day or Boxing Day!)

Keep this in mind when looking and applying for jobs - if you've booked a week-long holiday in between Christmas and New Year, you may have problems finding a job! 

5. Good Luck!

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t find a Christmas job, it's the holidays after all! But you can always save pennies at Christmas by using the rewards available with your Young Scot card.

And if you do need help preparing for interviews, take a look at our interview tips and if you’re interested in keeping your job after the Christmas period, take a look at our tips for turning your new temporary job into a permanent one!

Good luck!

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