How to Find a Good Landlord

Looking to rent a property but want to make sure you're going to have a landlord who will look after you? Here's some tips on how to find a good landlord! 

Take it to Facebook

Don’t be afraid to put up a status and ask your friends and family if they can recommend a certain landlord… or if there’s ones that you should avoid! Their personal experience can help inform your decision.

Check if the landlord is registered

All private landlords in Scotland must be on the Scottish Landlord Register. It’s against the law for them to rent to you if they aren’t. 

Look for accreditation

Is your landlord a member of a landlord association? There’s a few in the UK, who all require that members receive education and stick to a code of conduct and core standards when dealing with their tenants. This can give you some security that your landlord will be fair. You can look online to see if they are a member. 

Search online

Websites like Ask Tenants can give you an idea of what a property (and their landlord) is really like. You can also leave reviews to help other people who might be looking at places you’ve rented before.

Trust your gut!

If you get a bad feeling about a landlord, or something just seems off, it's good to trust that instinct. If you feel that way about a prospective landlord, chat to the friendly folks at Shelter and Citizens Advice. They can let you know if your landlord is trying to trick you into a dodgy deal, and what your rights as a tenant are. 

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