How to Face the Pressure of Taking Steroids

If you play competitive sport, you might find at some point you're put under pressure to take substances to improve your performance. But it has a lot of risks - to your health and your sporting career. Find out how you can say no.

How to respond

It’s always handy to have a few responses ready just in case you're ever in the situation where you're offered anabolic steroids to boost performance or gain muscle. Why not try out these?

  • “I don’t want to be caught and have my sports career over” 
  • “It’s not worth the health risk – it wrecks your body”
  • “I want to be responsible for my success – not drugs”

Feeling pressure from your coach?

You coach should be there to push you to be the best athlete you can be – but they should also be there to support you.

If your coach is pressuring you into taking supplements or drugs you don’t want to, be sure to stand your ground and say no. If any problems arise, talk to your parents or carers, and if you believe they're trying to give you banned substances, report them. 

Feeling pressure from your friends or teammates?

If your teammates are taking steroids you could feel pressured to do the same, but instead use it as an opportunity to help your friends rather than join them.

Chat to your teammates, say you want to stay clean and train hard, and make it known that sometimes the whole team get stripped of their medals and achievements if someone is caught taking steroids, do they really want to risk everyone else's success as well as their own health?

Feeling pressure from yourself?

Being an athlete means a lot of hard work and determination and it can be frustrating if you aren’t getting the results you want. Steroids or supplements might seem like the quick fix solution.

But it’s better to know you achieved all your wins and successes on your own merit. Plus, you can be a role model for other people to work hard and stay clean.

Remember: You have to make sure that any supplements or medications you take don’t contain any banned substances.  Make sure you talk to your coach, and your doctor, about anything you may be taking. 

Have a look at the UK Anti-Doping Agency's inspirational 100% me campaign for more info.

Want to report something suspicious?

You can call anonymously 24/7 to talk to a highly-trained operator on  08000 32 23 32

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