How to Decorate a Home You Don’t Own

It might feel frustrating to not make a place your own with new floors or a lick of paint, but there are plenty of ways to make a place you rent feel like it belongs to you.

Homeware makes it yours

Gif of seat

So the walls might be beige and the floor too, but you can make a place uniquely yours by choosing the right kind of homeware.

Are you into fashionable patterns? Put a throw on the couch with the latest cool print on it (hint: 2019 is the year of coral!).

Do you like the feel of fancy restaurants but don't have the budget for it? Get plates and cutlery that can make cheesy pasta look like fine dining.

Let parts of your personality come out through the items you have in your house – be it rainbow kitchen knives, putting candles in fancy bottles you've kept, or colourful cushions with your favourite quotes on them.

Frame it

gif of changing wall art

Got pictures of your friends and family, ticket stubs from your favourite gigs, or some cool comics or posters you like? Get them framed and on the wall!

While you might not be able to paint or stick wallpaper up, you can still bring some colour onto your plain domain by having some of your best memories on show. Plus, it's a great conversation starter if you have people over!

It's not advisable to use a hammer and nails if you're renting, but you can get specialised tack to hold up picture frames which means getting your deposit back!

Get green

gif of window

Plants are a great way to bring some colour and life (quite literally) into your rented place. Plus they can clean up the air around you - and certain plants like aloe vera have some health benefits too. Just make sure you buy a plant that's okay to live indoors, and check to see if it's okay to have around certain pets. Then all you need to do, is make sure you water them regularly!

Light it up

gif of lights

You might be stuck with the bog standard light shades all over the place, but that doesn't mean you can't add something unique! Fairy lights always look cute, so why not wrap them round a fireplace, bed frame or along the windowsill? Some standing lamps in a corner can look really cool and sophisticated, or you can go all out and get some coloured lights to put around the place. Why not try putting some battery powered lights into a mason jar, vase or bottle as an interesting centre piece for your living room or kitchen?

Remember: it's important to check your tenancy agreement to see what your landlord will allow. Some won't let you have blutac or put nails in the wall - so make sure you aren't breaking the rules of the agreement before you get started on making the place your own. 

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