How to Decide if Your Halloween Outfit is Appropriate

We love dressing up at Halloween. Changing your hair, make-up and outfit can be a great way of being someone totally different for the night. But sometimes dressing up can go wrong. If you're not sure whether you think you costume could be offensive, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Am I dressing as a stereotype?

Costumes based on race or ethnicity are often harmful stereotypes. And changing your skin colour is a no-go... unless you're dressing as a Smurf.

2. Am I making fun of someone's pain?

Current events can be bizarre, funny or easy to make fun of, whether it's celeb gossip, the latest meme or things happening in the news. But if you are making fun of someone else's pain, it can be really insensitive, cruel and not appropriate.

3. What if I met someone I was mimicking?

Think about how you'd feel if you bumped into someone your costume mocks - awkward? Embarrassed? Ashamed even? If you wouldn't want to see someone you were mocking whilst out then it's a no-go.

4. Am I mocking someone for being in a minority group?

Dressing up as a celeb to show your love for them can be fun. But if you are making fun of a celebrity because of their race, gender identity, sexuality or disability then it's definitely not acceptable.

5. Am I feeling pressured into wearing a certain costume?

Halloween is all about becoming someone else for the night, but don't feel pressured into dressing in a certain way if you don't feel comfortable.

6. Does my costume need context?

Imagine a picture was posted on social media and your family or work colleagues found out - how would you feel? If you feel the need to justify or explain why your costume isn't offensive, it's probably not okay.

MTV has this handy diagram to help you figure out whether your costume is inappropriate or not.