How To Deal With Bullying Behaviour

Bullying is never acceptable. We won’t always like or agree with everyone we meet, but we have to respect each other – and that can be as simple as leaving someone to get on with their life while you get on with yours.

What counts as bullying?

Bullying is a mixture of behaviours and impacts; what someone does and the impact that it has on you, which affects your ability to feel safe and in control of yourself.  This can happen face to face and online and can include:

  • Being called names, being teased or made fun of
  • Being hit, pushed or kicked
  • Having your belongings taken or damage
  • Being ignored, left out, or having rumours spread about you in
  • Being humiliated
  • Receiving abusive messages or having nasty comments made about you online
  • Being targeted because of who you are or how people see you

This behaviour can hurt you physically or emotionally and, although the behaviour might not be repeated, the threat or worry that it will happen again can be very real.   Bullying can also happen because of people’s prejudices towards other people; because they’re different in some way or are perceived to be different. But being different isn’t the problem – the problem lies in other people’s attitude towards what makes someone different.  

What can I do?

When it comes to dealing with bullying there isn’t always one ‘right’ answer. Telling someone or getting someone else involved can often help you to feel better – even if it doesn’t make the bullying stop. But what works for someone else won’t always work for you. You will know what feels right for you and your situation, but you don’t have to limit yourself to trying just one thing; you might need to try a couple of different options to find one that works for you.

Above all, remember that it's not your fault.

Our friends at respectme have put together a great short video on some of the options you can consider if you or someone you know is being bullied.

Where can I get help?

It is important to remember that feeling bad doesn’t last forever and things can get better.

  • ChildLine This is a free 24 hour service for children and young people. Telephone: 0800 111
  • respectme Scotland’s Anti-Bullying Service has information and advice for young people

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