How to Cope with Cravings Wherever You Are

Decided to give up smoking and struggling with cravings? Read our advice on how to handle your cravings in any situation. 

Remember - cravings are just your body reacting to nicotine withdrawal and only usually last around 3-5 minutes. You can get through this!  

1. At parties

If your friends are all going out for a smoke, it can be hard to say no since it can feel like you're being left out of the conversation. But stay strong! Use your chance to chat to someone else that is inside (maybe someone you’ve never really spoken to before), grab yourself a drink or a snack, or take control of the party music and show off your good (or bad) music taste!

2. On a night out

Alcohol and smoking can often go hand in hand, so when you are out, why not try sticking to soft drinks? You could also go to the bathroom to freshen up and focus - you're now a non-smoker remember! Chewing gum and drinking water can also help. Plus cutting down on alcohol too will give your body extra benefits.

3. When you're feeling stressed

You might think that a cigarette will help you to calm down if you're feeling stressed. But try and take this stress and give it another outlet – why not go for a run, take a bath, or write your feelings down. Remember, it's important to have a more positive outlet for these feelings. Make sure you are taking care of the basics by eating well, moving and getting enough sleep.

4. In public

Try to remove yourself from the situation if you can – get some exercise by walking to another bus stop if someone is smoking there. Try to bring things that can distract you – an apple to eat, a pen to fiddle with, a drink with a straw… it’s all about keeping your mind busy and not thinking about the temptation to smoke. Why not read a book or listen to some music to keep your mind away from cigarettes?


It's always helpful to have somebody you can talk to - so why not have someone you can text if you need help beating those cravings? And you can also read our tips to keep cravings away to help you on your smoke free journey!