How to Cope When Your Parent Remarries

When your parent marries a new partner you might feel happy that they've found someone that makes them happy, but you might also feel like you're betraying your other parent somehow by accepting this other person into your life. We’ve got some tips to help you adjust to the change.

1. Remember, your new step-parent is nervous too

They might not be used to having children, or they might be nervous about introducing their children to you. Either way, they want you to be a part of the family they're making with your parent. Plus, they’ll want your blessing to make your parent happy, so be try to be considerate to the fact they have a lot riding on how well you get on.

2. You aren’t betraying your other parent

Whether or not you're still in contact with both your parents, you might feel like you're somehow ‘cheating’ on your other parent. You don't have to hide away when spending time with your new step-parent. Why not make sure you spend some one-to-one time with your other parent if you can, making sure they know how much you care about them.

3. Have an open mind

You might automatically write your step-parent off as a stereotypical Disney character: the evil step-mother or father. But try to keep an open mind to the situation – you could become great friends with your step-parent. This is an opportunity to meet someone new and have new experiences. Why not chat to a friend who has been through something similar and see how they coped? They could have a good or bad experience, but either way it’s something to learn from.

4. Communicate!

It’s important to let your parent and step-parents know how you feel about the situation  – if you let them know you can work together to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone. 

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