How to Buy Fairtrade

What's Fairtrade all about?

Loads of the things we buy, from tea and coffee to cotton and flowers are made in the developing world, and often the people who make these things receive very low wages.

Fairtrade is all about making sure the farmers and workers are paid a fair wage, and work in decent conditions. If you buy a product with a fair-trade symbol on it then you can guarantee that your product has been fairly traded.

This means that the worker will have safer conditions at work, receive fair wages, and a little extra called the Fairtrade premium, to invest in products to improve life for their whole communities.

Where can I get Fairtrade products?

Fairtrade products are available in loads of major supermarkets (including Co-op and Scotmid) shops, cafes and restaurants. Just look out for the Fairtrade mark.

Did you know? Three of the top chocolate brands in the UK are now Fairtrade. Look out for Kit Kats and Cadbury Dairy Milk bars with the FAIRTRADE mark on them. Even Malteasers have fairtrade marks on them now!

Find out more about Fairtrade by watching this video.

For more information on Fairtrade visit the Fairtrade Foundation's website.