How to Be Less Stressed

Exams, work, life in general... lots of things can cause you to be stressed. Young Scot is here to share some tips on how to relax and de-stress.

1. Take your mind elsewhere

Take your your mind off things by taking a mind vacation. Meet up with friends and chat about everything and anything, get lost in a good book, have a Netflix binge or go for a relaxing soak in the bath.

2. Get active

Exercise releases a chemical called endorphins, which make you feel happier. Going on a short run or a walk is also a great way to clear your head by getting some fresh air and taking in the sights and sounds of your local area. You could also hop on your bike and check out some of the most beautiful cycle routes in Scotland.

3. Talk about it

While it's a good idea to try and take your mind off of your worries by doing other fun activities, if you're feeling very concerned about your results you should talk to a friend or relative about how you're feeling. They should be able to give you some reassurance and advice, and help to cheer you up by looking at the bigger picture. If you're not much of an open book, check out our advice for talking about your feelings.

4. Ditch the caffeine

Drinks that are packed full of caffeine, such as coke, energy drinks, raise your energy levels and as a result will naturally make you feel more stressed. You should especially make sure to steer clear of caffeine, just before you go to bed, or you could find yourself tossing and turning all night. Treat yourself to some hot chocolate, hot milk or a green tea instead. On that note...

5. Catch your ZZZs

Getting a good sleep means you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

If you're struggling to fall asleep at night make sure you take some time to relax before you go to bed, by turning off all of your electronics and doing something relaxing, such as reading a book in bed. You should also change your bed regularly so that your bed stays nice and clean and comfy, and keep your room uncluttered to help create a peaceful environment.

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