How To Be a Good Fan

We all have things we love. Whether it’s a TV show we can’t get enough of or a musician or band we’re listen to all the time, it’s fun to really get into something you like. But it’s important that if you are a big fan of something, that you treat those involved in making whatever you love with respect. Here’s how to be a good fan – by highlighting the behaviours you should avoid.

Don’t harass people

GIF of women swiping through phone, she says 'reported'

It can be a shame if a ship you’ve been waiting to happen on a show eventually fizzles out; or if someone says something negative about the band you love; or a celeb you fancy starts dating someone. That does not make it okay to harass the show writers, the journalist/other artist who made the negative comment, or the new boyfriend or girlfriend. Just because someone has written, said or done something you might not agree with, doesn’t mean they deserve to be spammed with comments, called horrible names, or have their personal details broadcast on the internet.

Remember: they don’t owe you anything

GIF of woman approached by many people filming her with phones.

No matter how much money you’ve spent or merchandise, the amount artwork you’ve made, how far you’ve travelled to see someone, or how many times you’ve watched a show… the creators of the things you like do not owe you anything. They don’t need to sign an autograph, or reply to your comment online, or whatever it is you want from them. This can seem upsetting, especially if you’re a big fan, but these people are singing/writing/acting/etc because it’s something they want to do. It’s not something they are specifically doing for the fans.

They’re only human

GIF of woman saying 'How did you know where I lived?'

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if people kept commenting on your Instagram that you should date someone you work with? Or if strangers turned up outside your house? Or people physically threatened you because you said something they didn’t agree with? You would feel scared and upset. Just because they have become famous for their talent, doesn’t mean you have the right to see, dictate, or be a part of every moment of their lives.

Whilst fans are crucial for shows to remain on air, and for people to have success, it's important not to cross the line between a supportive fan and an obsessive one. Just make sure to respect the people who are creating your favourite content, and you're good to go.