How to Avoid Upsizing on Your Weekend Takeaway

Fish and Chips

Finally – it’s the weekend! If you’re treating yourself to a take away tonight, here’s some tips from Food Standards Scotland to make your meal a healthier one...

A bag of fish and chips

Fish suppers can have a huge amount of chips for one person, why not share a portion of chips?


Curry with rice and a chapati folded into the bowl

Try chapati instead of naan with your curry.


Thin crust pizza with lots of vegetables on top

If you’re having pizza, avoid stuffed crusts and ask for veggie toppings.


Boiled white rice in a bowl with chopsticks

Try boiled, steamed or plain rice, rather than egg-fried.


Two glasses of water on a table with a jug

You don’t always need to have sugary drinks with your takeaway, water from your tap at home is perfectly fine – and free!

Burgers and Kebabs

Plastic containers with burger, chips and kebabs

You don’t always have to upsize your burger meal to a large meal, with extras like onion rings.

Read more about the #NoToUpsizing campaign by visiting our information page.

Find more information on how you can avoid upsizing when having a take away or eating out on Food Standards Scotland’s website.