How to Apply for a Funding Application

Trying to apply for funding but struggling with your application? Nail it down with our top tips: 

1. Explain yourself

What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? What impact will it have?

2. Make sure it fits

Look over the criteria and don’t waste time applying to the wrong fund. Get in touch with the Grants Officer and find out about the funders priorities. 

3. Don't waffle

Give as much detail as you can about your project and its aims, but use short sentences and be clear and specific. 

4. Stand out

Give your application some personality and show them why you’re the right person to get the money.

5. Ask a friend to check it over

For typos, spelling mistakes and confusing sentences. 

6. Meet the deadline

Make sure you’ve completed all sections of the form and get it submitted before the deadline. Then you just have to wait and see.


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