How Not to Annoy Your Friends on Social Media on Exams Results Day

Exam results day can be filled with emotion - but you need to be sensible and considerate on social media. We give you some tips on how not to annoy everyone on your news feed or timeline! 

Ditch the certificate selfies 

Katy Perry taking selfie with a monkey who looking at the photo doesn't like it.

Don't take a selfie with your results and have it as your profile picture on every single one of your social networks - not only will it be irrelevant after a day, it's also a bit cringey. Plus, don't post a picture of your envelope with your address on it - have a look at our tips for being safe on social media.

Avoid the detail  

Avoid putting a run down of your results as your Facebook status - people don't really need to know every single result you got. If you're feeling proud go ahead and share your good news, but detailing the result of every exam you've ever sat might be a bit much. 

Leave the list of thanks... 

Don't do an especially long Oscars style speech status thanking your parents, teachers, your uncle's third cousin, your friend from primary school, your sister's friend's aunt's cat... and tag them all in the status too. Send them a message or give them a phone if you want to give them a heartfelt thank you for helping.  

Lay off the pressure

Steer clear of posting on your friends wall publicly outing them for not sharing their results - it's totally up to them whether they want to share what grades they got. Embarrassing them online won't help. If you want to know how they get on give them a call, send them a message or arrange to meet up. See our tips on what not to say before you grill them on their grades.

Reign in the rants

Cat typing very quickly on keyboard of laptop

As tempting as it may be, stop yourself from going on a Twitter rant against the SQA, your teachers, your dog for keeping you up all night barking... it won't look good to any employers who might have a nosey at your profile before considering hiring you. Always remember to think before you tweet!

If you want to speak to someone because you're not sure on your next steps, take a look at our where to get help information.

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