How Much Money Do You Lose Smoking?

Got a cigarette habit? You’ve probably heard a lot about what smoking does to your health – with lots of nasty chemicals wrecking your body and your looks. But did you know it ruins your budget too?

Any time you light up you are pretty much burning away money.

We totaled up how much it’d cost you, and it’s not cheap!

Taking a figure slightly below average of 10 cigarettes a day - in 2012 the average for men was 12 and for women it was 11 a day – we found out how much you could save!

It can be hard to quit as nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but maybe some extra motivation to kick the habit could be what you could be spending that money on… and you’ll have a longer lifespan to spend it too!

If you quit smoking now, in a months’ time you would have an extra £121 to spend! 

And with a 10% Young Scot discount at places like Schuh, 15 % off at Cotswold Outdoor, and a massive 20% off places like Spoiled Brat and Tens Sunglasses you can afford to spoil yourself!

And in a year you’d save a massive £1425, which could buy you…

So why not quit – not only for your health but for your wallet too! 


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