How Maths and Science Can Kick-Start Your Career

There's nothing nerdy about taking an interest in subjects like maths and science. Pick up 'STEM' skills and kick start your career!

Taking an interest in subjects like science, technology, engineering or maths, otherwise know as STEM subjects, is definitely worth it. The skills you learn from studying STEM subjects can benefit everyone - and not just for those of you looking to become science or maths teachers!

It often comes as a surprise to people just how many different careers require STEM skills. Remember: there are jobs to suit all personalities and all skill levels.

72% of all businesses in Britain actually rely on people with STEM skills.

If you have already decided to study a STEM subject it could be a great decision. If you are still thinking about it, here are just ten examples of possible future careers...


From designing video games; to creating special effects for films; even working as a sound engineer for the music industry involves physics!

Aerospace & Transport

Whether you’re moving people or goods around the world you can’t do it without knowing about Isaac Newton’s laws of motion!

Telecoms & IT

All those selfies we’re taking on our mobiles to what we Google on the internet - software design and the internet are all built by science.

Marketing & Communications

This sector regards essential competencies needed to thrive in the industry as analytical skills, predictive modelling, adaptive and interdisciplinary thinking, algorithmic coding, and a familiarity with probability and basic statistical language.

Finance & Accountancy

All organisations need to balance the books and pay people on time and it’s maths that makes this happen.

Sport & Fashion

From inventing new high performance sports equipment and therapeutic advances for athletes science is playing an increasing role in sport. Technology is even playing its part in the fashion world; from new textiles to computer aided design of new fashion ranges.


Healthcare professionals caring for patients always need new medicines and high tech life-saving equipment.

Check out the video below from My World of Work where they highlight what it's like to work as an Analytical Scientist. 

Energy & Environment

Inventing new technologies can help reduce carbon emissions.


From architecture and design, to civil engineering science plays its part in helping to design and build everything from bridges, railways and roads, to homes and parks.

Food & Agriculture

From feeding more people around the world to cooking up new recipes in supermarket food, STEM skills have a massive impact on farming the land.

Exploring the Universe

Recognised as delivering some of the most advanced technologies in the world, working on satellites to military surveillance.

Need help picking your subjects?

Visit the My World of Work website for plenty of information on choosing subjects and the right career path for you.

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